Mar 2, 2010

Beautiful Petermann Glacier (9 Pics)

Pictures of Petermann Glacier. This beautiful glacier is located in North-West Greenland to the east of Nares Strait, and is the northenmost glacier in the world. This glacier connects the Greenland ice sheet to the ocean near 81 degrees north latitude. Petermann Glacier consists of a 70 km long and 15 km wide floating ice tongue whose thickness changes from about 600 m at its grounding line to about 30-80 m at its front.











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Mar 1, 2010

"Hell Met" without 'Helmet' ad

A bike helmet protects a rider from serious head injury in a collision. That's why it is always recommended that you wear a helmet while riding a bike. And if you don't, you will get an experience of hell sooner or later. This is what the following advertisement tries to tell you. On the left it shows a common helmet and on the right it shows the bruised and stitched face of a road accident victim. To avoid this, wear a helmet. This cleverly prepared ad copy perfectly delivers the message. What you say?

Wear Helmet

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Durex Condoms with Ribs Street Ad

Take look at the picture. To promote Durex condoms with ribs, paving stones in some Belgian cities were painted to look like condoms. Agency: McCann Erickson, Belgium. What you think about this advertising campaign?  Interesting or dumb concept?


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