Sep 30, 2008

Find who just called you!

Want to know about a person who just gave you a prank call from his/her mobile phone? Want to know about the owner of any mobile number? Then you must use a Reverse Mobile Phone Lookup service that will enable you to find more information about the caller or owner of a mobile phone number. But there are many such services. Any specific? Well, here I would like to mention about

Mobile Phone Reverse Lookup service from allows you to search for free and get simple search results in your area. Their database includes full phone numbers from all the states. So, just enter the phone number on their search form and find who just called you!

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Don't make your kids Nicotine Addicted

No Smoking
Are you a smoker? Do you have kids? If your answer is yes to both the questions, then you must take some extra care while smoking. Because your smoking habit may make your child addicted to nicotine! No, this is not my bluff, but the results of a new Canadian study published in journal Addictive Behaviors.

During the study, Canadian researchers looked at 1800 kids, who were all exposed to secondhand smoke and aged between 10 to 12 years. Defying the conventional belief that secondhand smoke can't make a person nicotine addict, the researchers found that 5% of those kids became addicted to nicotine, even though they never smoked themselves.

In my view, this is really a serious issue that we all must look into. If you are a smoker, you must take care not to smoke before or near kids. And if possible quit smoking. Don't make your kids Nicotine Addicted!

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WonderWorks Upside Down House

WonderWorks Upside Down House
Looking for something interesting? What about an upside down house? Take a look at the pictures of WonderWorks upside down house in the US. There are two such houses - one in Orlando, Florida and another on in Pigeon Forge, TN. The upside down house is an amusement park for the mind, featuring over 100 interactive exhibits for the entire family to experience.

WonderWorks Upside Down House
WonderWorks Upside Down House
WonderWorks Upside Down House
WonderWorks Upside Down House
WonderWorks Upside Down House
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Video Blogging is Fun

With introduction of new tools and technology, now video blogging or vlogging has became a lot easier. That's why vlogging is becoming popular among bloggers. Now we have mobile phones that can record video footage and post them to the web. Now, most of the popular blogging platforms supports video content and most to interestingly we have a lot of software to edit and publish video. So, why people wouldn't go for video blogging?

If we think about advantage of video blogs over general text-based blogs, what point comes first? Well, for me it is the content! Video blogs delivers a message or information via video. As a video may contain both footage and sound, it is most likely to grab the attention of the web surfers. And it is already a proved fact that combination of both audio and video can efficiently deliver a message, compared to message delivered via simply audio or video medium.

The dynamic content of a video may make convert an ordinary piece of information into an exciting topic of discussion. So, chances are that your visitors become excited with your video content, share it with others. In such a way vlogging sometimes may become viral, which is good for building traffic! Need some inspiration for your vlog? Watch the funny video:

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Using a People Finder Service

Search People
Because of our busy life or due to some other reasons, many time we lost contact with some of the most near and dear ones! This is the truth of the modern and fast lifestyle. But, some situation arises when we need to meet those persons again. What will you do in such a situation? Looking for a good people search service to find and meet those people with whom you have no touch for quite some time? Want to trace down a old high school classmate? Then, give People Locator Services a try. People Locator Services is a free online resource site that helps people to find and locate missing people.

How this People Finder service operates? They uses a huge database of public records to quickly locate any person in any state of the Unites States. Their search results includes detailed information about a person. For example, information about recent residency, telephone number, age and birth records, criminal history, divorce and marriage records and more.

How to use the service? On their search field, simply type in the name of the person you are trying to locate and hit the enter. Within seconds you will get the results that matches with your search query. You can also choose between a nationwide search or a specific state search by using the drop-down menu in their search box.

With more than 5,000,000 records in their database, People Locator Services will definitely help you in finding information about the person, that you wanted to meet or reconnect. Use it today for finding your lost relatives, high school best friends or any person.

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World's Most Expensive Bentley Shift Knob

World's Most Expensive Bentley Shift Knob

Take a look at the object in the picture above. This is the World's most expensive shift Knob! This Bentley Gear Shift Knob, that was created by Iced Out EMZ, features 30 carats of genuine diamonds, and 10 ounces of 18-carat white gold. Can you dare to ask about the price? Well, it is not costlier than $150,000! Wanna buy it for your Bentley?

World's Most Expensive Bentley Shift Knob
World's Most Expensive Bentley Shift Knob
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Sep 29, 2008

Attempt to Cross English Channel with a Pedal-powered Airship Fails

Yesterday, a French man falied in his second attempt to become the first person to cross the English Channel in a pedal-powered airship. Stephane Rousson, 39, from Nice, called off from half-way when change in the wind direction hampered his journey that he started from Hythe on the Kent coast.

During the attempt, Mr Rousson was suspended underneath the 16 metre long helium filled balloon, powering the two propellers with his feet using a bicycle-like contraption. His specially designed airship requires only two knots to become airborne. So, he had to wait for more than a week to for winds of less than 5mph. Unfortunately, when he was half-way to the French coast, wind changed it's direction and he had to abort the mission.

In June also, Mr Rousson was forced by winds to postpone his first attempt to cross the English Channel, despite waiting two weeks for the ideal weather conditions.

Via : Link
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Go for Mobile Blogging

Want to try something different? Ever tried Mobile Blogging? Mobile blogging (moblogging) is a form of blogging in which you can publish blog entries directly to the web from a mobile phone or other mobile device. So, you can update your blog while on the move and don't have to worry about your location! The most interesting point is that it will enable you to make frequent updates and posts, even when current events are unfolding.

So, if you haven't tried mobile blogging yet, go for it today. There are many mobile devices that are suitable for mobile blogging. Just pick one of your choice and go with a blogging platform compatible for moblogging. And you are ready to blog on the move. Go for it. I'm sure that you will love it, specially when you travel a lot.

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Sep 28, 2008

Energy Drinks are not so Good for Health

Love energy drinks? Then you must pay your attention to a new study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence. The study says that energy drinks can have more than 10 times the caffeine of soft drinks, which is not so beneficial for our health.

The study, led by Roland Griffiths from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, reports that energy drinks can cause caffeine intoxication. Caffeine intoxication can lead to serious nervousness, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, upset stomach, tremors, rapid heartbeat etc. In rare cases of overdose, it can result in death also!

Right now, there is no regulations that suggests a limit on the amount of caffeine that can be present in a energy drink. The study reveals that a typical 12-ounce soft drink contains about 35 milligrams of caffeine, while some energy drinks have as much as 500 milligrams. So, there must be some limit on caffeine content in energy drinks, otherwise these drinks may lead to serious cases of caffeine abuse. And before the authorities put some kind of limits, you must control your own intake.

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View of Earth and Moon from Mars

View of Earth and Moon from Mars
Think about yourself standing on planet Mars and looking towards our Earth. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to see something like the picture above. Yes, you will be able to see both Earth and Moon in the same sky. Though it is not possible to get there physically, we can use our advanced spacecrafts to take pictures of views like this.

The above image was taken n October 3, 2007, by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. At the time the image was taken, Earth was 142 million kilometers (88 million miles) from Mars, giving the HiRISE image a scale of 142 kilometers (88 miles) per pixel, an Earth diameter of about 90 pixels and a moon diameter of 24 pixels. The phase angle is 98 degrees, which means that less than half of the disk of the Earth and the disk of the moon have direct illumination.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona
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Million Pound Note up for Sale!

Money is very cheap now a days! Don't believe me? Take a look at the bank note above. This one million pound banknote, which is believed to be one of only two in existence, is expected to fetch only £40,000 at auction.

Well, the eight-inch-wide green note was issued by the Treasury in connection with the Marshall Aid Plan to pump US money into Europe after the Second World War, in 1948. All total eight such banknotes were produced, out of which ony two with numbers numbers 000007 and 000008, survived as they were presented as mementoes to the respective American and British Treasury Secretaries.

Though, it is no longer a valid note, the 000008 number note still has some value for collectors. Because, it is the highest denomination note of British currency present today. On October 1, it will be sold by auction specialist Spink and is expected to fetch up to £40,000.

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Sep 27, 2008

Lamborghini Free with House Deal

Lamborghini Free with House Deal
A British businessman is offering a Lamborghini as part of deal to sell his luxurious six-bedroom house. Can you believe this? Rick Hill, 30, wants to sell off his house at 1.1 million-pound but all conventional attempts went in vein. So, he came up with a novel idea to attract buyers! He added his yellow Lamborghini as a bonus with the house!

"It is a bit of a novelty but I am offering the ultimate lifestyle package. It's a dream home," Rick Hill said to a newspaper.

Now, Rick hopes that the 152,000-pound sports car will appeal to a wider range of buyers. The luxurious house is in Hockley, near Southend, Essex, and comes with a pool, gym and games rooms, conservatory and two bathrooms.

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Yves Rossy Crosses English Channel with a Jet Pack

On September 26, 2008, Yves Rossy, a 49-year-old Swiss man, created a new World record by flying across the English Channel using a jet-propelled wing. Yves Rossy, who is also known as the 'Jet Man', leapt from an airplane above the French port of Calais at an altitude of more than 2,600 metres, with only a helmet and flight suit for protection.

While cruising at speed of more than 200 km/hr, he completed the 35 km trip in less than 10 minutes. After successfully crossing the English Channel, Rossy landed onto a field near White Cliffs of Dover, England, with the help of his parachute system.

For more information and pictures related to Yves Rossy, you can check my earlier post!

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Sep 26, 2008

Sarah Palin Corn Maze!

Sarah Palin Corn Maze
A farmer in Ohio, USA, has created a corn maze that looks like Republican Vice President Candidate Sarah Palin! Don't believe me? Take a look at the picture above. The 16-acre corn maze is situated near the town of Whitehouse and it has been nicely created to render the face of the beautiful lady.

Sarah Palin Corn Maze
How this big corn maze was created? Farmer Duke Wheeler said that an artist in Idaho drew the picture of Palin, entered it into a GPS Satellite System and then the artist flew to Ohio and cut the corn maze using a tractor and a rotor tiller.

Wheeler said. "It took him about 8-10 hours to cut it. We saw it from the helicopter it's just a great image of her. I think she'd be proud."

Now, Wheeler expects to get a rush of tourists to check out his corn maze and the butterfly house that he own.


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30 men pushed a Plane!

Take a look at the picture above. These men are pushing an plane. Are they crazy or it is just a photo shot? Well, this is a true picture of a true event where 30 men pushed a plane off the runway!

The incident occurred in Zhengzhou airport, China when the CRJ7 plane had a rocky landing due to mechanical failure. The front hydraulic system of the plane stopped working and using a tow truck became impossible. So, the authority at airport sent those 30 men to push the plane off the runway to a side lane.

And actually they did it! It took them about two hours to push the 20 tonne plane, about half a mile to a side lane. Ever heard about something like this? Well, neither me nor the workers had heard about anything like that before!
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Sep 25, 2008

Natural Acne Treatment

Ever got acne? If yes, you will definitely know how much annyoying they are. That's why people all around the world die for effective acne treatment products. Have you ever used such a product? Did you got complete satisfaction after using that product? Well, my experience with acne products was very bad until I found Acnexus.

Acne Treatment
What is Acnexus? Well, acnexus is a powerful and effective combination of 27 natural anti-acne ingredients, which acts against acne and protects your skin. It contains Organic Aloe Vera Gel, White Willow Bark, Alfalfa, Green Tea, Jojoba, Avocado, Lavender Oil, Parchouli oil, Vitamin E Oil and 18 other natural anti-acne ingredients. All these natural ingredients have different healing properties. Some of them are antiseptic, some of them are regenerative and some of them protects skin again various harmful effects of environmental pollutants.

In our view, when 27 different natural ingredients comes together in a single formulation, it will definitely give the best results. What you say? One more thing! Acnexus contains no harmful alcohols, mineral oils, soaps or Parabens, that you will find in common and noneffective acne treatment products. It means that there is no fear of bad effects on your skin.

This powerful and effective acne treatment product retails for $59.95 USD. But now, under a special offer, you can buy it at just $29.99 USD. So, go for Acnexus and say goodbye to acne. It will not only provide the best acne treatment but will also repair, nourish and revitalize your skin.

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David Blaine : Dive of Death Completed!

David Blaine: Dive of Death
On Wednesday, popular magician David Blaine finished his latest endurance stunt - hanging upside down over the Wollman Rink in New York for 60 hours. The stunt called as "David Blaine: Dive of Death" was started by the daredevil magician on Monday morning and there was not net below him! Many people thinks that it was ridiculous stunt and even some claimed that he was fake. Still, we must say that it was interesting and all people can't do it.

David Blaine: Dive of Death
David Blaine, 35, celebrated completion of his latest challenge with a 44-foot plunge while attached to a wire. He was then whisked back up in the air and appeared to disappear into the night sky. In an ABC television special called "David Blaine: Dive of Death" also showed footage of him catching a .22-calibre rifle bullet in a metal cup in his mouth, while he was hanging upside down!

Blaine is known for his illusion magic tricks and daredevil stunts. Previously, he has spent 63 hours enclosed in a block of ice in New York city and 44 days in a glass cube dangling over the River Thames in London without any food.

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Sep 24, 2008

Beautiful Angelina Jolie Doll

Angelina Jolie Doll
Earlier this month, a highly talented artist named Noel Cruz, has sold an Angelina Jolie Doll for $3,350 on eBay. The amount sound too much for a doll. But we think that it is a good price for the beautiful doll. Take a look at the picture of the doll above.

Angelina Jolie Doll
It was originally a 16-inch Coal Sybarite by Superdoll with a resin ball-jointed body that's fully articulated. To transform it into an Angelina Jolie doll, the artist removed the original factory paint and repainted using artist-grade brushes, acrylics, and sealers.

Angelina Jolie Doll
Even the artists gave extra care on eyes, eyebrows, and lips and even manicure and pedicure of the doll. And the final product is here! This doll really looks like Angelina Jolie and that's why someone bid with US $3,350.00 to win the eBay auction. We are sure that the buyer is a fan of Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie Doll

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1000-year-old Song Dynasty Pot

Take a look at the picture above. This is chicken feed pot that Liu Shuxuan, of Chongqing, China, purchased a from his neighbour five years ago. Liu purchased the broken pot because of it's flower pattern and paid paid only a few pennies. At the time of purchase he didn't knew that it was a priceless 1,000-year-old treasure!

In a hope that he will get some good amount than he actually paid for the pot, Liu glued the pieces together and took it to the Henan Provincial Cultural Relics Research Centre. But to his amazement Zhao Qingyun, an expert at the centre, said that the pot is more than 1,000 years old and it is from Song dynasty. So it is an ancient treasure!

According to the expert, there are only three such pots in existence - two in the Shanghai Museum and one in a private collection. Now, Liu has taken the 1000 years old pot to Beijing to show it to auction houses. He wants to make some money and his demand it not less than 10 million yuan (approx £800,000). Though that's a huge amount, we believe that there is no scarcity of rich artifact collectors who will pay the amount for a 1,000 years old pot.

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Large Hadron Collider Stopped until 2009

The World's Biggest Physics experiment will be on hold until April next year. Officials at the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) announced this on Tuesday, after unexpected helium leak into sector 3-4 of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) because of a faulty electrical connection.

Now experts will inspect the sector by bringing it to room temperature and opening up the magnets. This will take about three to four weeks. Then, CERN’s obligatory winter maintenance period will force it to restart in early spring of 2009. Till, then no show in LHC!

Earlier this month CERN had successful tested the LHC by sending a beam of protons clockwise through a 17 mile ring making up the system. The next steps in the experiment were to send the proton beam counter-clockwise through the LHC, and then eventually send beams in both directions having them collide in an attempt to study new forms of matter that could not be studied in any other existing machine.

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Sep 23, 2008

Golden Porsche with 40 pounds of Gold

Love Porsche? What about a Porsche made of Gold? Take a look at these pictures of a Golden Porsche 911 convertible, modified in Russia! It was reported that more than 40 pounds of pure gold was used in decoration of this Golden Porsche. Cool or waste of money? Want to have one? First make sure that you will be able to spend a good amount of money on it's security!

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World's Largest Tow Truck Parade

In a bid to create a New World Record for 'Largest Tow Truck Parade'. 292 tow trucks rumbled through New York City on Saturday, September 20, 2008. The previous world record was set in Wenatchee, Wash., in 2004, with a total of 83 trucks.

The parade, that was organized by the Metropolitan New York Towing Association, included flatbeds, wreckers and 50-ton rotators. The tow trucks started from the Shea Stadium in Queens and cruised down a couple of highways before finishing at the small historic airport in Gateway National Park in Brooklyn.

The above picture provided by the Metropolitan New York Towing Association, shows the tow trucks forming "New York" in the abandoned airport tarmac.

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Sep 22, 2008

Interesting Promotion : 'Chucky' in NYC Roads

Remember 'Chucky', the terrifying "Child's Play" character? He is back and was seen earlier this month, roaming in the roads of New York City. Take a look at the pictures. Well, actually these are lookalikes and they were promoting the movie's 20th anniversary DVD release. Cool way to advertise an event. What you say?

Watch the video:

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Say Cheese!

Say Cheese photo
"Say Cheese"! I'm sure that we all know what this sentence means. Yes, it is the most common technique that photographers use to make their subject to smile. Because, by saying "cheese", most people form their mouths into what appears to be a smile-like shape. Have you ever tried that? If you didn't give it a try. It works in most cases. Let's take a look at these pictures.

Say Cheese photo
Say Cheese photo
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478 Carat Uncut Diamond Recovered

Diamond miners in Lesotho have discovered one of the World's largest diamonds! Gem Diamonds, a mining company said on Sunday that it had recovered a 478 carat diamond from its mine in the Southern African kingdom of Lesotho. By size it is the 20th largest rough diamond ever found. But, after polishing this diamond may become the largest ever polished diamond.

The diamond, which was recovered on September 8 at the Letseng mine in Lesotho, is as yet unnamed. According to the company, it has the potential to yield a 150 carat cut stone, and could sell for tens of millions of dollars.

Great Star of Africa
Still, it would be dwarfed by the Cullinan diamond discovered in 1905, which was 3,106 carats uncut and yielded a teardrop shaped diamond of 530 carats called the Great Star of Africa (pictured above).
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Advertise in Space for just $400!

Now you can advertise in the space! JP Aerospace, a firm in the US is offering companies and individuals a chance to advertise themselves in space. They are using lighter than air balloons to carry packages into the upper atmosphere, where they takes pictures of your ad and returns to earth. Cool!

Well, how they will advertise in the space? The idea is simple. The balloon carrying your ad reaches a height of 20 miles and then JP Aerospace takes hundreds of pictures of the balloon before returning the package to earth by a parachute. The images taken in the space are given to you on CD, alongwith some prints.

JP Aerospace, who calls themselves "Amirica's OTHER Space Program", have already received requests to send toy figures, coffee beans, table tennis balls as well as advertising billboards in the space. Want to try it? Their prices starts at just $400.


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Sep 20, 2008

Chandrayaan-1 : India's First Moon Mission

On Thursday, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) unveiled India’s first mission to the Moon Chandrayaan-1. The Chandrayaan-1 mission is aimed at high-resolution remote sensing of the moon in visible, near infrared(NIR), low energy X-rays and high-energy X-ray regions.

The Chandrayaan-1 is a 590-kg spacecraft and it will be launched by a India's own Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-XL) from Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota. The spacecraft will carry 11 scientific payloads from six different countries - India, UK, USA, Germany, Sweden and Bulgaria. The launch window is between October 19 and October 28. And according to some news sources October 19 is the probable date of liftoff.

During it's two year mission, Chandrayaan-1 will send back digital elevation maps of the moon and will try to find the traces of atomic elements such as radon, uranium and thorium in the surface of Moon. It will also look into the possibility of finding water on the moon with the help of pictures taken from high resolution cameras.

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Most Distant Gamma-ray Burst

On September 13, US space agency NASA's Swift satellite detected a beautiful gamma-ray burst that came from the edge of our Universe! The burst, named as GRB 080913, took 12.8 billion years to reach Earth and this is the farthest gamma ray explosion ever detected. Take a look at the picture above.

The burst was detected by Swift's Burst Alert Telescope, at 0547 GMT on 13 September, in the constellation Eridanus. Then, astronomers around the World detected its afterglow with the help of telescopes. Analysis of the light spectrum revealed that it came from 12.8 billion light years away. This distance is 70 million light years further than the previous record holder GRB050904. GRB 080913's "lookback time" reveals that the burst occurred less than 825 million years after the universe was born.

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Most Expensive Mobile Phone Number

How much you will pay for a phone number? The phone number 666-6666 of Qtel is the World's Most Expensive Mobile Phone Number. Why? Because it was sold for $ 2.75 million! This is just unbelievable, but true. Now, it is official and listed in the 2009 edition of Guinness Book of World Records.

Last year, the phone number 666-6666 was sold for $ 2.75 million (Qatar Riyal 10 million) to an anonymous buyer during a charity auction hosted by Qatar Telecom in Doha, Qatar on 23 May 2006. The previous record price for a phone number was made in China where the number 8888-8888 was sold for $ 480,000. Link

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