Sep 20, 2008

Car Number Plate Fetches £400,000

How much a car number plate can fetch in an auction? Any idea? A car number plate in UK has just fetched £404,062.50 in an auction. Can you imagine the amount?

The registration "S1" was originally bought in 1903 and it was one of the first number plates issued in Edinburgh. It's first owner was Sir John MacDonald, Lord Justice Clerk of Scotland, one of the UK's first motor vehicle owners.

The winning bidder in Friday's Goodwood Revival Sale was from the company Bold Registrations. Now, it will be used in an old red Skoda which will be seen around the Midlands.

The price paid for the "S1" registration makes it the second most expensive registration in the history of UK private number plates. The record holder is currently "F1", which was purchased by businessman Afzal Kahn in January this year, by paying £440,625.


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