Sep 30, 2008

Video Blogging is Fun

With introduction of new tools and technology, now video blogging or vlogging has became a lot easier. That's why vlogging is becoming popular among bloggers. Now we have mobile phones that can record video footage and post them to the web. Now, most of the popular blogging platforms supports video content and most to interestingly we have a lot of software to edit and publish video. So, why people wouldn't go for video blogging?

If we think about advantage of video blogs over general text-based blogs, what point comes first? Well, for me it is the content! Video blogs delivers a message or information via video. As a video may contain both footage and sound, it is most likely to grab the attention of the web surfers. And it is already a proved fact that combination of both audio and video can efficiently deliver a message, compared to message delivered via simply audio or video medium.

The dynamic content of a video may make convert an ordinary piece of information into an exciting topic of discussion. So, chances are that your visitors become excited with your video content, share it with others. In such a way vlogging sometimes may become viral, which is good for building traffic! Need some inspiration for your vlog? Watch the funny video:


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