Sep 6, 2008

Reunited with Father, 5 years after Cremation

A man in UK has been reunited with his father, five years after the cremation. How it is possible? Actually, due to mistakes in identification process of a dead body, the father was declared dead. Now, five years after the funeral, John Renehan from Didsbury, spotted his father on a television appeal.

John Renehan's father John Delaney went missing in 2000. The family failed in all attempts to uncover information about Delaney's whereabouts. Then, a decomposed body matching his description was found in the grounds of Manchester Royal Infirmary in January 2003. The body was identified as Mr Delaney and a funeral was held.

Then, five years after the cremation, Mr Renehan spotted his father on a television appeal about finding the family of the man in the care home. So, Mr. Delaney was alive and had actually been put in a care home after being found wandering around the town with memory loss.

Mr Renehan then contacted the police, who asked him a series of questions before DNA tests confirmed their relationship. In a statement, Greater Manchester Police said that the identification mix-up was a matter for the coroner, who is no longer in the post. Now, police started an investigation to identify the man cremated in 2003. Link


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