Sep 24, 2008

1000-year-old Song Dynasty Pot

Take a look at the picture above. This is chicken feed pot that Liu Shuxuan, of Chongqing, China, purchased a from his neighbour five years ago. Liu purchased the broken pot because of it's flower pattern and paid paid only a few pennies. At the time of purchase he didn't knew that it was a priceless 1,000-year-old treasure!

In a hope that he will get some good amount than he actually paid for the pot, Liu glued the pieces together and took it to the Henan Provincial Cultural Relics Research Centre. But to his amazement Zhao Qingyun, an expert at the centre, said that the pot is more than 1,000 years old and it is from Song dynasty. So it is an ancient treasure!

According to the expert, there are only three such pots in existence - two in the Shanghai Museum and one in a private collection. Now, Liu has taken the 1000 years old pot to Beijing to show it to auction houses. He wants to make some money and his demand it not less than 10 million yuan (approx £800,000). Though that's a huge amount, we believe that there is no scarcity of rich artifact collectors who will pay the amount for a 1,000 years old pot.


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