Sep 10, 2008

The Rickshaw with a Car Body!

Rickshaw is general mode of transport for public in many countries. Take a look at the Rickshaw on the picture above. This is an odd Rickshaw, that was recently seen on the streets of Beijing, China. It is actually a bicycle pulling a two-wheeled car body!

Dubbed as 'The Other Rickshaw', this odd tricycle features the original rear half of a car body and is well-equipped with safety belts. It also have four gold-plated dragons and other Chinese decorations. According to a local news paper, this rickshaw was designed and produced by BMW and it was the only rickshaw in the world of its type.

Well, due to it's design, 'The Other Rickshaw' is quite heavy and the driver Song, requires some extra efforts to run it on the streets of Beijing. And when it has passengers, the vehicle will definitely become more heavier and difficult to pull.


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