Sep 2, 2008

Chewing Gum reduces Stress and Helps Memory

Chewing gum are good for your memory and performance! This is not my view, but the results of a new study conducted in Australia. The results of the study reveals that chewing gum can reduce stress, anxiety and can even improve your memory. That's really a good news for chewing gum eaters.

The Australian study was led by Dr. Andrew Scholey, the professor of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Swinburne University in Melbourne and was presented on August 30, 2008, at the 10th International Congress of Behavioral Medicine Rissho University in Tokyo. Dr. Andrew claimed that chewing gum can reduce anxiety and stress level, improve alertness and also enhance the concentration level for any individual while performing multitasking activities.

The researchers conducted the test on Defined Intensity Stressor Simulation (DISS), a multi-tasking platform that measures the stress and performance level while at continuously rising stress level during performing multitasking work on a group of 40 persons between the average age group of 22 years. They divided the group of people into two parts - chewing gum eaters and non-chewing gum eaters and performed the tests. After end of the test, the researchers observed that the chewing gum eaters showed a reduction in anxiety at 17% during mild stress and 10% during moderate stress, and measured 19% greater alertness during mild stress and 8% during moderate stress in as compared to non-gum chewers.

The best thing that had been observed from this study is the noticeable enhancement in overall performance on multitasking activities. So, next time when you are busy in some work, don't forget to chew some gum!


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