Sep 22, 2008

Advertise in Space for just $400!

Now you can advertise in the space! JP Aerospace, a firm in the US is offering companies and individuals a chance to advertise themselves in space. They are using lighter than air balloons to carry packages into the upper atmosphere, where they takes pictures of your ad and returns to earth. Cool!

Well, how they will advertise in the space? The idea is simple. The balloon carrying your ad reaches a height of 20 miles and then JP Aerospace takes hundreds of pictures of the balloon before returning the package to earth by a parachute. The images taken in the space are given to you on CD, alongwith some prints.

JP Aerospace, who calls themselves "Amirica's OTHER Space Program", have already received requests to send toy figures, coffee beans, table tennis balls as well as advertising billboards in the space. Want to try it? Their prices starts at just $400.



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