Sep 2, 2008

Diamonds out of Ashes of Dead People

Algordanza, a small company based in Switzerland, can help you to remember your loved ones forever, even after their death! How? They prepares special high-grade certified diamonds out of the ashes of your beloved deceased in memory to their unique and wonderful life. Really a cool and unique way to keep the memory of your loved ones alive.

Each one of those artificial diamonds takes between three weeks and three months to create and their prices starts from less than 5,000 euros ($7,488). Often the gem is mounted in jewelry, which the bereaved then wear to maintain close contact with their loved one. But some customers have different plans.

As only 2 percent of a corpse's ashes are carbon, which then has to be purified to create the permanent momento diamond, the largest size diamond offered by Algordanza is 1 carat, which costs 13,328 euros.

Algordanza's Chairman Veit Brimer first saw a business opportunity in "remembrance" diamonds after meeting a Russian chemist, who explained how gems could be created in a laboratory. In its first year, 2004, the company sold one diamond. These days it is creating about 60 a month, which Brimer attributes to word-of-mouth recommendations and media coverage, as Algordanza does not advertise.

Algordanza does 40 percent of its business in Japan, its largest market, where cremation is more common because land is so scarce. Many clients from Europe travel to Chur to accompany the deceased on their final journey and meet the people who will turn the ashes into a diamond.



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