Sep 4, 2008

Seabreacher : The Cool and Powerful Watercraft

Take a look at the vessel on the picture above. Can you recognize it? Well, it is a Seabreacher, a watercraft designed to mimic the shape of a dolphin. This two seater vessel is powered by a supercharged Atkins marine rotary engine coupled to a Hurth V-drive transmission. It can glide on top or below water at very high speed (45mph over the surface and 20 mph below the surface) and it has enough power to soar out of the water and fly through the air to perform stunts.

The Seabreacher was designed and developed by Innespace, California based company. It is now available for purchase as a custom built vessel. Well, Seabreacher is not so cheap and will cost you about £30,000. Customers can choose from a variety of engine and drive packages ranging from race-ready to the ultimate luxury sub-sea cruiser. Definitely a perfect toy for rich guys!


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