Sep 18, 2008

What I think about 'Crash'?

I am a movie buff! I watch a lot of movies, by managing some time in between my business and blogging. Or you can say that, I spend most of my free time in the stories of movies!

Well, I have no particular favorite genre. From romantic movies to serious drama and from sci-fi movies to action thrillers, I watch everything that sounds interesting to me! I use online reviews and opinions of my friends while choosing movies.

Recently, I had an argument with one of my good friend on 'Crash', the 2004 movie. According to him, the movie has nothing to watch. I was shocked to hear that from him. Why? He said that a movie with racial theme is not good for society. His answer again shocked me, as I liked 'Crash' only because of the simple but beautiful internal message!

In fact there is more than racism in 'Crash'. It shows how people can develop good feelings towards completey strangers. As we human are social animals, we love to live in the society. And once inside society you will definitely meet new people and start to make new relationships. This is what makes life beautiful and 'Crash' actually tried to deliver that simple message.

What about you my friend? Did you enjoyed 'Crash'? Feel free to express what you think about it's story.


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