Sep 2, 2008

Vladimir Putin Shoots a Tiger

Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin have just shoot a tiger. Wait! It is not for fun, but for a good cause. According to media reports, he visited the Ussuri Reserve in far eastern Russia to see how scientists are tracking the critically endangered Siberian tigers when one of the animals approached. There, he aided a program to track the tigers by shooting a 5-year-old female cat with a tranquilizer gun after it had freed itself from a restraint.

The Siberian, or Amur tiger, is the world's largest wild cat. It can weigh up to 450kg (1,000lb) and measure up to three metres from nose to the tip of the tail. Recently it has pounced back from the brink of extinction to hit its highest population level for at least 100 years.

Well, that's definitely a good action. The televised footage on Monday, showed Putin on camouflage, deep in the woods, placing a collar with a tracking device around the neck of the tranquilized tiger. He also patted its cheek like a pet and said: "She'll remember us." Link


David Gerard said...

He was merely demonstrating his superior and instructive manliness to the effete Westerners.

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