Sep 17, 2008

Dog calls 911 and saves Owner's Life

Once again a pet dog in USA proved that dog is a very helpful animal and they can save your life in certain situations. According to a report by Sky News, a German shepherd in Arizona saved his owner's life by calling the 911 emergency services. How? Because he was trained to do so in case of emergency situation.

The name of the dog is 'Buddy' and it was adopted by Joe Stalnaker of Scottsdale, Arizona. Mr Stalnaker has suffered seizures for ten years because of a head injury during a military training exercise. So, he trained 'Buddy' to use the phone if he began to have an attack.

And the intelligent dog did exactly what he was trained to do! When Mr Stalnaker got into difficulties, 'Buddy' hit the speed-dial button on the emergency phone. When the operator answered the phone call and asked if the caller needs any help, Buddy started to bark. Out of curiocity police arrived and saved Mr Stalnaker, who recovered after two days.

Interesting! Isn't it? Now, Mr Stalnaker's address is flagged in the official records, with a notification that a trained dog might call for help when the owner was incapacitated.


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