Sep 27, 2008

Lamborghini Free with House Deal

Lamborghini Free with House Deal
A British businessman is offering a Lamborghini as part of deal to sell his luxurious six-bedroom house. Can you believe this? Rick Hill, 30, wants to sell off his house at 1.1 million-pound but all conventional attempts went in vein. So, he came up with a novel idea to attract buyers! He added his yellow Lamborghini as a bonus with the house!

"It is a bit of a novelty but I am offering the ultimate lifestyle package. It's a dream home," Rick Hill said to a newspaper.

Now, Rick hopes that the 152,000-pound sports car will appeal to a wider range of buyers. The luxurious house is in Hockley, near Southend, Essex, and comes with a pool, gym and games rooms, conservatory and two bathrooms.


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