Sep 19, 2008

Suspended Protest Against Rising Cost of Living

A British man came up with an unique idea to protest against the rising cost of living! Ask me what? Take a look at the picture above. Yes, he protested by suspending himself upside down!

Herbert Crossman, the man, who is from Harrow, North-West London, suspended himself from a crane for two hours in the Trafalgar Square of Central London. He was attached by the ankles to the crane with a bungee rope and money fell from his pockets into buckets below, which he thinks signified how British people are "haemorrhaging money".

Herbert said: "It's our money the government is spending and wasting."

It was an unique and peaceful protest. But, I wonder whether people gonna care about the message that he delivered through the act. Because, it seems like people don't have time to think about other people. We are becoming more mechanical day by day. What you think?

via BBC


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