Sep 18, 2008

Review Your Favorite Websites!

Today, I came to know about a new online service which helps Internet users in finding the best websites of the World and allows user reviews! Interesting! Isn't it? The service is called TalkReviews and it is available for several countries in a number of languages. It will not only help you in finding the Top Websites in your favorite topic but will also enable you to post your own opinions about your favorite or least favorite websites.

You can use their site to find the Top Websites in different categories such a Shopping/Retail, News/Information, Sports etc. On the specific website page, you can check the brief description of the site, updated traffic stats, Google Pagerank, Alexa rank and more. So, without any actual visit, you can have a good idea about a particular website.

User Website Reviews on Talkreviews is the feature that makes it more interesting. It gives you complete freedom to express your views on a particular website. Even you can review your own website there! Want to add your own review? Want to tell why you love or hate a website? Just register for a free account and share your views!


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