Oct 29, 2008

Wife for Sale! What?

Wife for Sale!
Can you believe this? A Romanian man has put his wife up for sale on a website specializing in sale of used cars. Alex Cretu, 20, who lives in Bucharest, hoped to get around £4m but has lowered his price to £3,000 for a quick sale.

His ad on www.okazii.ro reads: "Wife for sale. Model 1983, good condition. Full option, nice suspensions, spacious boot, second owner. Price is negotiable, comes with three-year-old and five-year-old accessories. Seriousness demanded."

Alex says he placed his ad on the site partly because he had got fed up of his 25-years-old wife nagging him all of the time and partly as a joke. He waited until his wife left for a job in Spain so as she wouldn't know about the sale.

After the ad appeared on the website, he had received a number of offers but none were acceptable so far as almost all the potential purchasers either offered too low price or wanted to buy her in installments. I hope that Alex will fail in this weird attempt to sale his wife.

Via Ananova

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Oct 23, 2008

Blow out candles with Eyes!

Blow out candles with Eyes
This world is full of weird people and weird stuffs. For example, the Chinese man in this picture can blow out candles with his eyes! Can you believe it? Is it possible? How one can use his eyes to blow out candles? Read on.

Ling Chunjiang, the man, uses a specially made goggles and blows air from his eyes through a hose. This way, he can blow out 12 candles in one minute. Is it not weird?

Ling, 35, is a martial arts enthusiast and lives in Kaifeng, China. He started to practice kung fu with his grandfather when he was 8 years old. According to news reports, Ling also performs a different stunt, where he hit off the bottom of a beer bottle while keeping the rest of it intact. Weird people, weird interests. Well, for your own safety, don't try them at home.

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Oct 20, 2008

20 Super foods for a Long and Healthy Life

Healthy and YoungLooking for the secret of a long and healthy life? I think, now you can have it, as scientists have found the effective list of wonder foods! Professor Williamson, head of the Functional Foods department at Leeds University, found that diet based on 20 super foods could slow down the aging process and help to beat cancer and heart disease.

The list of wonder foods includes tea, coffee, chocolate, apples, blackberries, blueberries, broccoli, cereal bran, cherries, cherry tomatoes, cranberries, oranges, peaches, plums, raspberries, red grapes, red onions, spinach and strawberries.

According to the expert, the foodstuffs on the list, which is dominated by fruits and vegetables, are rich in naturally occurring chemicals known as polyphenols, which have been linked to a variety of health benefits including protection against heart disease. In the mean time, they can also help to slow down the ageing process by helping to protect cells from the natural damage that occurs over time.

Many experts welcomed the list of wonder foods but also urged that coffee, chocolate and orange juice must be taken in limited amount. Too much of chocolate may have a negative impact on your weight and cholesterol and excessive coffee and orange juice can make inflammatory conditions like arthritis worse. So, start taking more fruits and vegetables and enjoy a healthy life.

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Unusual and Unexpected Colors of Saturn

Unusual and Unexpected Colors of Saturn
Planet Saturn is now sporting very unusual and unexpected colors. Take a look at the picture above. The unusual colors are visible just north of the dark ring shadows. The razor-thin plane of ring particles is visible nearly edge-on across the bottom of the image.

Why this change is color? Scientists thinks that it is related to the changing of seasons in Saturn. But, they are not sure about it. On the picture above, you can also see the moon Titan, which is just above the rings of Saturn.

The robotic Cassini spacecraft, which arrived at Saturn in 2004, is continuously sending back data and images of the planet. Those data and images are helping scientists in understanding the atmosphere, moons, and rings of Saturn.


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Oct 19, 2008

Lawsuit against God dismissed

Lawsuit against God dismissed
The inhabitants of plant Earth often faces wrath of nature, in the form of floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, diseases, wars etc. And that's why Nebraska state senator Ernie Chambers filed a lawsuit against the God! He sought an injunction ordering God to stop causing "widespread death, destruction and terrorisation of millions upon millions of the Earth's inhabitants".

Mr Chambers, 71, Nebraska's longest serving state senator, said he filed the lawsuit to make the point that everyone should have access to the courts in response to proposals to prohibit the filing of frivolous lawsuits.

But, Douglas County district court judge ruled that it is not possible, to sue the God as he has no address! According to law a plaintiff must have access to the defendant and be able to serve papers on him or her for a lawsuit to go ahead. So, the lawsuit against God has been dismissed. Now, Mr. Chambers has 30 days to decide whether to appeal.

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Oct 18, 2008

Last Titanic Survivor to sell Mementos

Last Titanic Survivor to sell Mementos
Millvina Dean, the last survivor of Titanic disaster, wants to sell her Titanic mementos, so that she can pay for her nursing home. She was just nine weeks old when Titanic sank. She was wrapped in a sack and lowered into a lifeboat from the deck of the sinking Titanic.

Dean, now 96, has lived in a nursing home in the southern English city of Southampton, after she broke her hip two years ago. She need money to pay the nursing home fees and that's why she wants to sell the Titanic mementos.

Dean's artifacts, including a suitcase given to her family by the people of New York after their rescue, are expected to sell for about $5,200 at Saturday's auction in Devizes, western England. Dean, her mother and 2-year-old brother were among 706 people, mostly women and children, who survived the Titanic disaster.

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Oct 16, 2008

Drunken Horse in Swimming Pool

Drunken Horse in Swimming Pool
A horse in Cornwall became so drunk that it fell into a swimming pool. Well, soon his swimming session ended as police and fire crews arrived and took him away from the pool!

How all this happened? The horse called Fat Boy, escaped from his stable, broke into Sarah Penhaligon's back garden in Newquay and ate hundreds of rotting apples. The rotting apple worked like wine and Fat Boy started to stumble across the garden. And soon he lost control and fell into the swimming pool.

Sarah, 28, woke up after hearing a huge splash. When she checked the pool, she found a pony taking some bath! Unaware that Fat Boy was already drunk, Sarah, fed him more apples to keep him calm before fire crews arrived.

After receiving a call from Sarah, police and fire crews raced to the scene at 3am. After more than two hours of work, they finally hoisted Fat Boy out of the water at 5am with the help of several harnesses.
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Cutout Dissection.com is the name of a Teen!

Cutout Dissection.com/Jennifer Thornburg
A teen in the US legally changed her name to Cutout Dissection.com, the web address of an anti-dissection page created by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), in order to protest against animal dissections in schools.

The 19 year-old, who was earlier known as Jennifer Thornburg, began opposing dissections in middle school after a class assignment to cut up a chicken wing made her uncomfortable. Then, she helped create a policy at her high school that allows students who object to dissections to complete an alternative assignment. But, she wanted to do something more to protest animal dissections! So, she legally changed her name to Cutout Dissection.com, which is the URL for an anti-dissection website created by PETA, where she is interning.

"I normally do have to repeat my name several times when I am introducing myself to someone new," she told The Asheville Citizen-Times. "Once they find out what my name is, they want to know more about what the Web site is about."

Her driving license now reads Dissection.com and she wants to be called Cutout for short. Despite her legally changing the name, she said most of her family members still call her Jennifer.

via PETA

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Arvind Adiga wins Booker for "The White Tiger"

Arvind Adiga
The 2008 Man Booker Prize for Fiction went to Arvind Adiga, an young Indian writer, for his debut novel "The White Tiger." Arvind, 33, was born in Chennai, India and moved to Australia when he was 15. This is a great achievement for the young writer, who was the youngest among the six shortlisted writers - Amitav Ghosh, Linda Grant, Steve Toltz, Philip Hensher, and Sebastian Berry.

The White Tiger
"The White Tiger" is the story of Balram, a young Indian born in the "darkness" of rural India who is seduced by the underbelly of Delhi through his work as a driver to the son of a wealthy landlord.

Adiga is the fourth Indian writer to win a Booker after Salman Rushdie, Arundhati Roy and Kiran Desai. He received the prestigious £50,000 award at a ceremony in London.
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Oct 14, 2008

Locate Area Codes

Locate Area Codes
There are al total 372 phone area codes in the the US. So, sometimes it becomes very difficult to remember or find which area codes locate where. That's why I would like to tell you about a service that will help you in finding the exact location of an area code.

The service is called Area Code Locator. In the front page of their site areacodelocator.org, you will be able to see the list of the area codes separated by states. When you will look inside an area code, you will be able to see the exchanges within that particular area code. You will also get information about the location, county, city and zip code related with that area code. So, Locate Area Codes without any hassle!

What's more? On their site, you will be able to perform reverse phone lookup on any phone number. Just enter a phone number and find the basic information about that number such as name and address of the owner, phone carrier etc. try it today.

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Oct 13, 2008

Barack Obama becomes 'Barack Osama' in Ballot

Barack Osama
'Osama' is one of the candidates in the US Presidential Election! Everyone knows what 'Osama' we are talking about. It is none other than Osama bin Laden, leader of the terrorist group al Qaida, who was behind the September 2001 attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center in New York City.

How a terrorist became a candidate? Well, it was just in papers. In the absentee ballots sent to voters in Rensselaer County, the name of the presidential candidate "Barack Osama" was printed as "Barack Osama"! Take a look at the image above. So, it was a typographical terror.

This mistake was first reported by the Albany Times Union. Soon the elections office shredded the remaining "Osama" ballots and faxed a statement in which two commissioners regretted for the error. They also mailed correct versions of the paper to nearly 300 people, who had already received them.

Well, Rensselaer County termed it an innocent mistake and the District Attorney said that the incident wouldn't be investigated as a crime. Still, we wonder what those three proof readers in Rensselaer County office were doing, when the typo occurred?

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Josh Pyke's Boat Guitar

Josh Pyke Boat Guitar
Australian singer Josh Pyke came up with a cool idea when he thought about filming a video for his new song 'Make You Happy'. Guess what used? He used a boat guitar! Take a look at the picture above.
Josh Pyke Boat Guitar
What was that? A guitar or a boat? Actually it is an exact replica of the Maton acoustic guitar Josh Pyke performs with. Really an innovative idea for a music video. The new music video was shot at Rozelle Bay on October 9, 2008 in Sydney, Australia. The track 'Make You Happy' will be the second single released from Pyke's second album 'Chimney's Afire' which was released on Saturday.

(Photo by Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images)
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Oct 12, 2008

Bebo Sends Message to Gliese 581C

Gliese 581C
Popular social networking website Bebo made a history on October 9, 2008 by sending world’s first democratically-created message to the space. The message that contains photos, drawings and text words, was transmitted in binary format, from the National Space Agency of Ukraine's RT-70 radar telescope in Evpatoria. It is directed towards the planet Gliese 581C, which is 120 trillion miles away from earth.

"A Message From Earth", as they called the project, is a first of it's kind attempt to communicate with extra-terrestrial life, through a message created via Internet. In order to create this message, Bebo invited it's 12 million users to submit topics that they would like extra-terrestrials to receive. And the World responded with interesting topics that ranged from the environment to politics and world peace to family relationships. Out of them, Bebo selected 501 items that included photos, drawings and text messages.

Now the digital time capsule from earth is on it's way to planet Gliese 581C. The organisers hope the package will reach its target in early 2029. Well, if someone sends a reply from Gliese 851c, it would not reach earth before 40 years!

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Second case of "Virgin Birth" in Shark

A female Atlantic blacktip shark in the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center fertilized her own egg without mating with a male shark. In a study report published in the latest issue of the Journal of Fish Biology, scientists have confirmed that it was the second case of a "virgin birth" in a shark.

The female shark, dubbed Tidbit, was caught in the wild when she was very young and lived in the aquarium for eight years without any contact with male shark. She died due to stress-related complications related to her pregnancy, during a routine physical exam in May 2007. Necropsy after her death revealed that she was carrying a 12 inches long pup foetus. DNA tests of the pup confirmed that it was a case of "virgin birth", that means the embryo came from the mother.

The first "virgin birth", which means asexual reproduction or parthenogenesis, in shark was ducumented at an Omaha zoo in 2001. The baby bonnethead shark born at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska was killed within hours of its birth by a stingray in the same tank.

So, this second case of "virgin birth" confirmed that like some other vertebrates, birds, snakes and reptiles, parthenogenesis occurs among shark species. Link

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Oct 11, 2008

Huge Ice Chunk falls through Roof

Ice Chunk fell on Head
In this world, many unpredictable things happens every day. For example, the huge chunk of ice that fell from the sky and broke into the roof of a Pennsylvania home. The ice chunk, which weighed about six pounds, created a two-foot hole in the ceiling and injured a woman on the forehead. Thanks God, nothing worse happened.

Do you think that it was an predictable event? I don't think so and so do Mary Ann Foster, who has lived with her husband in the York Township home for the past 31 years.

"Something woke me up. I felt my head and I had kind of a big, a kind of a bump," Mary Ann said.

Mary Ann's husband gathered all the pieces of the ice chunk and put them in the freezer. Now, he plans to take the ice chunks to York College for proper analysis. Because they are not sure, from where it came! Yes, that's the big question from where the ice chunk came?

via Link
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Search Inmate Records

Access Inmate Records
Want to retrieve the federal inmate record of a person? Need a quick a way to do so? Wait! Internet will help you. Just go to Free Inmate Records, an online service with huge database of inmate records, and perform a search with the name of the person. The will retrieve the record for you as quickly and as cheaply as possible.

Need the inmate record of a person in Kentucky? Just do a kentucky inmate search on their site (freeinmaterecords.org) and you will get all the required records about that person. Similarly, need Arizona inmate records? New York Inmate Records? Don't worry. On their site, you can search inmate records of any state, any city or any county in the US. Use it today!

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Destructive re-entry of Jules Verne spacecraft

Destructive re-entry of Jules Verne spacecraft
On September 29, 2008, ESA's Jules Verne spacecraft made a destructive re-entry over the Pacific Ocean. And the resut is the picture above. The spacecraft disintegrated, as designed, at an altitude of 75 kilometers over the uninhabited South Pacific. It's remaining parts safely landed in the heart of Pacific ocean.

Jules Verne spacecraft
Jules Verne ATV, or Automated Transfer Vehicle 001 (ATV-001), was an unmanned European cargo resupply spacecraft named after famous French science-fiction author Jules Verne. The spacecraft was launched on 9 March 2008 on a mission to supply the International Space Station (ISS) with propellant, water, air, and dry cargo. It docked to the ISS on 3 April 2008 after three weeks of testing. On 25 April 2008, Jules Verne also helped in reboosting the space station into a higher orbit. On 5 September 2008, it undocked from the station and manoeuvred to an orbital position 5 km below the ISS. It remained in that orbit until the night of 29 September, when it made the destructive re-entry, as planned.

Photo: ESA

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Oct 10, 2008

The Nest House

The Nest House
Want to run away from the busy life of city to spend a night in the jungle? Want to try something new? Take a look at Nest House, a simple metal and rope structure completed with natural materials such as leaves and branches. Take a look at the picture. It looks like a bird nest - simple and natural!

The Nest House
The Nest House was designed by Gerard Moline for the Neo-rural exhibition in 2005. It takes very little space and hangs from a tree with a thick tape. The installation is very easy and you can use it as an observation point or as a hanging nest to spend a beautiful night in the woods!

Really an innovative and down to earth design! If I get a chance, I will definitely try it. What about you?

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The Tear Shooter!

man shoots water through tear ducts
A Chinese man can shoot water up to 10ft from his eyes. Can you believe this? Ru Anting, 56, of Luoyang, Henan province, China, not only water through his tear ducts, but also writes words with the water coming out from his eyes!

Take a look at the picture above. The picture shows Ru demonstrating his skills at the Lotus World park in Shanshui city, China. There he wrote four characters, 'Fu Ru Dong Hai', which means 'Fortune as vast as the sea', on a board covered with red paper.

Ru discovered his unusual talent when he was child. But he started to develop his talent only after he lost his job in a local fertilizer factory. After intensive training, now he can accurately suck up water with his nose to spray it through his tear ducts.

Odd people, odd interests and skills. Still, we must appreciate his skill. What you say? Want to try it? Well, I will never try by myself!

via Link
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Putin gets Tiger as Birthday Gift

Putin gets Tiger as Birthday Gift
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin got an odd but interesting gift in his 56th birthday. It is nothing but a two-month-old female Siberian tiger cub! Don't believe me? Take a look at the picture above, where Putin can be seen alongside the cub, which is yet to be named. Perfect gift for a powerful man!

Putin didn't revealed who gave him the rare Siberian tiger cub as a gift. But he told the reporters that proper care will be taken to find a new home for the 20lb cub. Point to note that in August Putin shot a full-grown Siberian tiger with a tranquilizer in Ussuri reserve.

via AP

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How to avoid Unemployment?

Avoid Unemployment

Unemployment is a devastating situation, which wrecks dreams and ambitions. Even it can affect your personal life. That is why it is very important for a person to find a suitable job and try harder not to lose it. So, how to avoid unemployment?

First, try to find a job that you really love. If you don't like your job, how can you think about giving 100% of your efforts on it? A wrong job will only lead to poor performance and worst consequences. So, avoid a job that you didn't like!

As an employee always try to give your best. Word hard to improve your performance and productivity. Once productivity has been improved, the income of your company will grow. Which means that there will be more funds for giving remuneration and more probabilities that the company will adhere keep working with it's present work force. So, there will be least chances of losing your job.

Don't want to lose your job? Avoid procrastination. Never try to justify the work that you didn't completed, with lame excuses.
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Search and Find Court Records

Search and Find Court Records
Want to backcheck the past of a person? Want to know more about the court records or criminal history of a person living in the US? Need a fast and reliable source to get all those information? Then, give a visit to Court Records Search (courtrecordssearch.net), an online service that will enable you to search and find court records on anyone in the US.

Court Records Search collects public court records from all over the country and keeps them in their databases. So, whenever you need to know about the court records of a person, just do a search with the name of the person, city, age and state. For example, if you want to now about the past court records of a person living in Oklahoma, just go to the Oklahoma Court Records section and search with the name of that person. Within seconds you will get the report with complete criminal records, bankruptcy records, police records, family court records and more information about the person, present in public records.

Interesting. Isn't it? They covers all the states of the US and keeps their databases up to date. So, you will always get the most comprehensive and up to date information from their site. Try it today.

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Oct 9, 2008

Crossing Taiwan Straits in a Paper Boat!

Crossing Taiwan Straits in a Paper Boat!
A school teacher in China is preparing to cross the 112 mile-wide Taiwan Straits in a paper boat. What a paper boat? Can you think about crossing a sea with a paper boat? I'm sure that no normal man can dare to think about it. But Zhu Yalin, a chemistry teacher in Meishan, Sichuan province is confident about his plan already arrived in Xiamen to build his paper boat.

Zhu says his boat will be nearly 6ft long, the bottom will be 2ins thick and it will be strong enough to carry two people. The boat will be made entirely out of paper and the glue will be a special one, prepared from cooked flour soup.

Well, this is not his first attempt to use a paper boat! He tested the first paper boat in August 2005, by sailing on the Mingjiang River for 50 miles in 11 hours, from Meishan city to Leshan city. So, now he wants to test his boat in salt water by crossing the Taiwan Straits.

"According to my observations and experience, the conditions in the Taiwan straits are much better than the Mingjiang River. I am really looking forward to it," Zhu said.

Zhu will sail in his paper boat on October 31. For safety he will be escorted by a lifeboat and a pilot boat. If he successfully completes his voyage, he will 60 more paper boats to form an armada to cross the Taiwan Straits again on New Year's Day. What an weird idea? What you think?
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Halle Berry - "Sexiest Woman Alive"

Halle Berry -
Hollywood actress Halle Berry has been named the "Sexiest Woman Alive" by the popular man's magazine Esquire. In this month's edition of the magazine, the 42-year-old star poses in a parody of a 2000 cover photograph of former US President Bill Clinton. Take a look at the picture above.

Halle Berry -
Last year, Hollywood actress Charlize Theron was named as the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire.

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Oct 8, 2008

Fitness, Workouts and Diet

Fitness, Workouts and Diet
What is fitness? Fitness is the ability of a person to do his normal everyday tasks with full alertness and vigor without worrying about fatigue. A fit and fine person always extra energy in reserve which can be useful when emergencies arise or during leisure and recreational activities. That's why it is said that fitness is the essence of a man. Am I right?

So, overall fitness must be one of the primary goals in your life. There are three components of overall fitness that every man must focus on working out in order to stay healthy and fit and fine. Those important components are strength training, cardiovascular work and a healthy diet.

First, you must follow a good routine of strength training or workouts. Strength training not only helps in staying strong but also builds up muscles. Cardiovascular work out is essential to keep the blood pressure, heart and cholesterol levels under control. And a good diet always helps in supplying the nutrients and minerals needed by your body to keep you fit and healthy.

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Oct 7, 2008

First-ever Mount Everest Skydive

First-ever Mount Everest Skydive
Love skydiving? Well, I'm sure that most of you have done it at least once in your life. And even some of you may be a good skydiver. But, can you dare to jump from the height of Mount Everest, the highest peak in the World? It sounds weird and impossible, but on Saturday, three skydivers from three different countries plunged from above the Mount Everest and became the first in the World to do so!

First-ever Mount Everest Skydive
The daredevil skydivers - Wendy Smith (New Zealand), Neil Jones (Canada) and Holly Budge (Britain) dived from 29,500 ft, which is 2,500 ft higher than the 27,000ft-tall Mount Everest and successfully landed at 12,350 ft in Shyangoche, the highest Drop Zone in the world. During the challenging skydiving, the skydivers faced sub zero temperatures and fast changing weather.

First-ever Mount Everest Skydive
The skydiving event, Everest Skydive 2008, was organized by British adventure travel company High and Wild. It has cost 32 clients around 24,000 dollars each. According to the organizer, the oldest client slated to make the jump in the coming days is Alan Walton, a 72-year-old British partner in a bio science company.

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Oct 6, 2008

Jungfrau Marathon in Pictures

Jungfrau Marathon
The Jungfrau Marathon is one of the best known mountain marathons in the world. This 26.2 miles long marathon not only tests the strength of the runners but also offers them some of the most beautiful views in the Bernese Oberland area of the Swiss Alps. It was first held in 1993 and every year about 3,500 runners from 35 different nations participate in the Jungfrau Marathon.

Jungfrau Marathon
The 26.2 mile course of this marathon starts in Interlaken, a holiday resort located in the heart of the Swiss alps and climbs 5,960 feet (1,823 m) in elevation to the finish at the Kleine Scheidegg. The first 10 km of the course are flat. However, from there the course heads upward, reaching the highest point of 7,234 feet (2,205 m) around the 40 km point. The last kilometre of the course is a steep downhill. So, it is definitely one of the toughest marathons in the world.

Jungfrau MarathonThe present Men's Record of Jungfrau Marathon is in Jonathan Wyatt's name who completed the course in 2:49:01 in during 2003 run. The Women's record is in the name of Marie-Luce Romanens, who completed the course in 3:21:03 during 2001 run.

Jungfrau Marathon
Jungfrau Marathon
Jungfrau Marathon
Jungfrau Marathon
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Hurricane Ike uncovers Mammoth Fossil

Hurricane Ike uncovered a big fossil tooth in Texas. The fossile tooth is believed to belong to a Columbian mammoth, that gazed in North America around 10,000 years ago. So, for researchers this is an interesting gift that hurricane Ike left behind!

How the fossil tooth was found? Dorothy Sisk and her colleague Jim Westgate, who is a paleontologist in Lamar University, visited her Bolivar Peninsula home after Ike hit the area. In the front yard of Sisk's beachfront property, they found the 6-pound fossil tooth.

The tooth that looks like a series of boot soles or slices of bread wedged together, will be given to Texas Memorial Museum in Austin.

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Siamese Twin of Nile Tilapia Fish

Siamese Twin of Nile Tilapia Fish
You have seen Siamese human, but did you ever heard about Siamese fish? Well, you may not believe that there are two conjoined fish in Thailand. Take a look at the pictures. These two are Nile Tilapia fish, a common species of freshwater fish and they are conjoined twins!

Siamese Twin of Nile Tilapia Fish
These two fish are attached to each other at the stomach. In normal case there is hardly one in a million chance that conjoined fish will survive. But these two Nile Tilapia fish survived and they are now eight months old. The bigger fish protects the smaller one by keeping it under it's stomach. Now, they are perfectly enjoying their connected life in a Bangkok aquarium.

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Oct 5, 2008

World's First Testicle Cookbook

World's First Testicle Cookbook
Love cooking? What about testicle recipes? The World's First testicle Cookbook is here! Serbian chef Ljubomir R. Erovic claims that his e-book "The Testical Cookbook: Cooking With Balls" is the "World's First testicle Cookbook".

The electronic cookbook contains more than 30 odd recipes for testicle dishes, including Testicle Pizza, Testicle Goulash and Testicles in White Wine. The e-book also comes with how-to video guides showing the chef peeling the skin off testicles and slicing them up into bite-size chunks.

With 20 years of experience in preparing testicle cuisines Erovic is now a world authority in the field. He also organizes the World Testicle Cooking Championship, held annually in Serbia since 2004. In Erovic's opinion, the tastiest testicles come from bulls, stallions or ostriches. What's your favorite?

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Oct 4, 2008

Chicken Soup for Pandas!

Xiwang and Weiwei
Even Giant Panda needs chicken soup! Zookeepers in the Wuhan Zoo, China have started to feed their pandas with home-cooked chicken soup. No, this is not a joke. Xiwang and Weiwei , the pandas in the zoo are being given chicken soup twice in a month to reduce stress and give them a nutritional boost

The pandas of the Wuhan Zoo were tired and suffering from a little shock since Monday, the start of weeklong National Day holiday. Because, in holiday season more visitors comes to see the pandas. As people shouts to get attention of the animals, the pandas are becoming more restless and fatigued. So, in order to reduce their stress, the zookeepers are giving slow-cooked chicken soups to the pandas.

Each pandas were served 1 kg of chicken soup in giant dishes, in addition to their regular diet of bamboo, milk and buns. Zookeepers hopes that it will help them to stay fit and brave the upcoming cold weather.

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Oct 3, 2008

Man Attacks Shark and Saves Dog

Man Attacks Shark and Saves Dog
It is said that dog is man's best friend. And I believe that it is true. But what men do for their dogs? Well, if you really love your dog, you will do anything to save the life of your dog. And this is what a Florida man did when his pet dog was attacked by a giant shark in the ocean.

Greg LeNoir, 53, saved the life of his pet dog by attacking a shark! He said that he was swimming at a Florida Keys marina when a shark suddenly attacked his pet dog Jake. Without wasting time, he also jumped into the ocean and began to pound on the head of the 5 to 6 feet long shark.

"I saw a big, dark green shape which I realised was a big shark’’s head. It zoomed up under from Jake," LeNoir said to a newspaper.

The pounding was effective and the shark released the small dog immediately. Jake, a terrier cross, got some wounds in the abdomen, chest and back. But still he is fine and recovering.

LeNoir really needs appreciation for his good work. Not everyone can dare to fight with a shark, even when his/her most beloved one is under attack!

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House Sold for $1.75 on eBay

$1.75 House
If you are hit by bad economy and your poor financial situation, almost anything can happen to you and your property. This is what a news about a house that was sold in an online auction just for $1.75, remind us.

According to a AP news report, a Chicago woman won an eBay auction with just $1.75 bid, for an abandoned home in Saginaw, Michigan. The $1.75 was the winning bid out of total eight bids for the home. Can you believe this? Well, this is Internet my friend and anything can happen in bad days!

The anonymous seller of the house also bought it on eBay and didn't disclosed the original price of the house. The seller stated in the eBay sales page:

"I bought this house on eBay several months ago and was hoping to do something with it but I live too far away and now I don't have the money to do anything with it anyway. There are back taxes owed and there is a deadline of March 31, 2009 to pay the back taxes to redeem the house from tax foreclosure."

Joanne Smith, the winning bidder who is in her 30's, said a local paper that she hasn't seen the property and have no plans to give a visit. But, she will try to sell it. Before that she must pay $850 in back taxes and yard cleanup costs for the foreclosed property.

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Fully Loaded Transport

Fully Loaded Transport

Looking for something funny? Take a look at the picture above. Fully loaded or overloaded? Well, decide it for yourself and don't try to do that personally. Otherwise your picture will get a place on blogs this one! Wait, before you go, take a look at the picture below. This seems like a family trip! Who wants to left behind? So, everyone secured their positions in the 'rickshaw'. This is fully crowded or over-crowded?

Fully Loaded Transport
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Oct 2, 2008

Reliable Phone Book Search

Phone Book
Looking for an online phone book? Well, there are lots and lots of online phone books. Just make some Google searches and you will be amazed to see the results. But, do you think that all of them are reliable? Or do you think that all of them covers all 50 states? Well, I don't think so?

Then where to look for a reliable online phone book? Just take a look at 50statephonebook.org, an online phone book service that covers all the 50 states of US. Their 50 State Phone Book will enable you to search and find the name and address of the owner of any phone number or mobile number in the US. They have access to white and yellow page phone books of every state and even to public records. You can also perform reverse phone search with specific area codes.

So, this 50 State Phone Book will save a good amount of your time in finding the name and address of the owner of a phone number. Try it today.

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