Oct 9, 2008

Crossing Taiwan Straits in a Paper Boat!

Crossing Taiwan Straits in a Paper Boat!
A school teacher in China is preparing to cross the 112 mile-wide Taiwan Straits in a paper boat. What a paper boat? Can you think about crossing a sea with a paper boat? I'm sure that no normal man can dare to think about it. But Zhu Yalin, a chemistry teacher in Meishan, Sichuan province is confident about his plan already arrived in Xiamen to build his paper boat.

Zhu says his boat will be nearly 6ft long, the bottom will be 2ins thick and it will be strong enough to carry two people. The boat will be made entirely out of paper and the glue will be a special one, prepared from cooked flour soup.

Well, this is not his first attempt to use a paper boat! He tested the first paper boat in August 2005, by sailing on the Mingjiang River for 50 miles in 11 hours, from Meishan city to Leshan city. So, now he wants to test his boat in salt water by crossing the Taiwan Straits.

"According to my observations and experience, the conditions in the Taiwan straits are much better than the Mingjiang River. I am really looking forward to it," Zhu said.

Zhu will sail in his paper boat on October 31. For safety he will be escorted by a lifeboat and a pilot boat. If he successfully completes his voyage, he will 60 more paper boats to form an armada to cross the Taiwan Straits again on New Year's Day. What an weird idea? What you think?


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