Oct 23, 2008

Blow out candles with Eyes!

Blow out candles with Eyes
This world is full of weird people and weird stuffs. For example, the Chinese man in this picture can blow out candles with his eyes! Can you believe it? Is it possible? How one can use his eyes to blow out candles? Read on.

Ling Chunjiang, the man, uses a specially made goggles and blows air from his eyes through a hose. This way, he can blow out 12 candles in one minute. Is it not weird?

Ling, 35, is a martial arts enthusiast and lives in Kaifeng, China. He started to practice kung fu with his grandfather when he was 8 years old. According to news reports, Ling also performs a different stunt, where he hit off the bottom of a beer bottle while keeping the rest of it intact. Weird people, weird interests. Well, for your own safety, don't try them at home.


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