Oct 10, 2008

The Tear Shooter!

man shoots water through tear ducts
A Chinese man can shoot water up to 10ft from his eyes. Can you believe this? Ru Anting, 56, of Luoyang, Henan province, China, not only water through his tear ducts, but also writes words with the water coming out from his eyes!

Take a look at the picture above. The picture shows Ru demonstrating his skills at the Lotus World park in Shanshui city, China. There he wrote four characters, 'Fu Ru Dong Hai', which means 'Fortune as vast as the sea', on a board covered with red paper.

Ru discovered his unusual talent when he was child. But he started to develop his talent only after he lost his job in a local fertilizer factory. After intensive training, now he can accurately suck up water with his nose to spray it through his tear ducts.

Odd people, odd interests and skills. Still, we must appreciate his skill. What you say? Want to try it? Well, I will never try by myself!

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