Oct 3, 2008

Man Attacks Shark and Saves Dog

Man Attacks Shark and Saves Dog
It is said that dog is man's best friend. And I believe that it is true. But what men do for their dogs? Well, if you really love your dog, you will do anything to save the life of your dog. And this is what a Florida man did when his pet dog was attacked by a giant shark in the ocean.

Greg LeNoir, 53, saved the life of his pet dog by attacking a shark! He said that he was swimming at a Florida Keys marina when a shark suddenly attacked his pet dog Jake. Without wasting time, he also jumped into the ocean and began to pound on the head of the 5 to 6 feet long shark.

"I saw a big, dark green shape which I realised was a big shark’’s head. It zoomed up under from Jake," LeNoir said to a newspaper.

The pounding was effective and the shark released the small dog immediately. Jake, a terrier cross, got some wounds in the abdomen, chest and back. But still he is fine and recovering.

LeNoir really needs appreciation for his good work. Not everyone can dare to fight with a shark, even when his/her most beloved one is under attack!


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