Oct 16, 2008

Drunken Horse in Swimming Pool

Drunken Horse in Swimming Pool
A horse in Cornwall became so drunk that it fell into a swimming pool. Well, soon his swimming session ended as police and fire crews arrived and took him away from the pool!

How all this happened? The horse called Fat Boy, escaped from his stable, broke into Sarah Penhaligon's back garden in Newquay and ate hundreds of rotting apples. The rotting apple worked like wine and Fat Boy started to stumble across the garden. And soon he lost control and fell into the swimming pool.

Sarah, 28, woke up after hearing a huge splash. When she checked the pool, she found a pony taking some bath! Unaware that Fat Boy was already drunk, Sarah, fed him more apples to keep him calm before fire crews arrived.

After receiving a call from Sarah, police and fire crews raced to the scene at 3am. After more than two hours of work, they finally hoisted Fat Boy out of the water at 5am with the help of several harnesses.


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