Oct 4, 2008

Chicken Soup for Pandas!

Xiwang and Weiwei
Even Giant Panda needs chicken soup! Zookeepers in the Wuhan Zoo, China have started to feed their pandas with home-cooked chicken soup. No, this is not a joke. Xiwang and Weiwei , the pandas in the zoo are being given chicken soup twice in a month to reduce stress and give them a nutritional boost

The pandas of the Wuhan Zoo were tired and suffering from a little shock since Monday, the start of weeklong National Day holiday. Because, in holiday season more visitors comes to see the pandas. As people shouts to get attention of the animals, the pandas are becoming more restless and fatigued. So, in order to reduce their stress, the zookeepers are giving slow-cooked chicken soups to the pandas.

Each pandas were served 1 kg of chicken soup in giant dishes, in addition to their regular diet of bamboo, milk and buns. Zookeepers hopes that it will help them to stay fit and brave the upcoming cold weather.


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