Oct 10, 2008

How to avoid Unemployment?

Avoid Unemployment

Unemployment is a devastating situation, which wrecks dreams and ambitions. Even it can affect your personal life. That is why it is very important for a person to find a suitable job and try harder not to lose it. So, how to avoid unemployment?

First, try to find a job that you really love. If you don't like your job, how can you think about giving 100% of your efforts on it? A wrong job will only lead to poor performance and worst consequences. So, avoid a job that you didn't like!

As an employee always try to give your best. Word hard to improve your performance and productivity. Once productivity has been improved, the income of your company will grow. Which means that there will be more funds for giving remuneration and more probabilities that the company will adhere keep working with it's present work force. So, there will be least chances of losing your job.

Don't want to lose your job? Avoid procrastination. Never try to justify the work that you didn't completed, with lame excuses.


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