Oct 12, 2008

Bebo Sends Message to Gliese 581C

Gliese 581C
Popular social networking website Bebo made a history on October 9, 2008 by sending world’s first democratically-created message to the space. The message that contains photos, drawings and text words, was transmitted in binary format, from the National Space Agency of Ukraine's RT-70 radar telescope in Evpatoria. It is directed towards the planet Gliese 581C, which is 120 trillion miles away from earth.

"A Message From Earth", as they called the project, is a first of it's kind attempt to communicate with extra-terrestrial life, through a message created via Internet. In order to create this message, Bebo invited it's 12 million users to submit topics that they would like extra-terrestrials to receive. And the World responded with interesting topics that ranged from the environment to politics and world peace to family relationships. Out of them, Bebo selected 501 items that included photos, drawings and text messages.

Now the digital time capsule from earth is on it's way to planet Gliese 581C. The organisers hope the package will reach its target in early 2029. Well, if someone sends a reply from Gliese 851c, it would not reach earth before 40 years!


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