Sep 20, 2007

God sued for Destruction

Now, God may have to appear before a US judge! God is being sued by a politician in Nebraska for causing 'widespread death and destruction'. State senator Ernie Chambers claims God has terrorised both him and his constituents. He is seeking a permanent injunction against the Lord for causing 'fearsome floods, horrendous hurricanes and terrifying tornadoes'.

Mr Chambers' injunction adds that God should be blamed for causing 'calamitous catastrophes resulting in the widespread death, destruction and terrorisation of millions upon millions of the Earth's inhabitants including innocent babes, infants, children, the aged and infirm without mercy or distinction'. The 70-year-old politician, from Omaha, said he had tried to contact God numerous times without success.

Mr Chambers claimed the move had a serious point – to point out how many frivolous lawsuits were clogging up the US legal system. He said he was moved in particular to act by an earlier suit filed by a woman against a judge who recently barred words such as 'rape' and 'victim' from a sexual assault trial. Link


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