Sep 18, 2007

Cool Hotel Reservations

I love to travel and I am sure that most of you too. Be it my business tour or a leisure tour, I love to travel. My favourite destinations in US are the Las Vegas, new york and the beautiful Miami. I really love these places. As I am staying outside US, I used to plan my personal trips through travel agents. But, recently I got a great site while surfing the net. It is HotelReservations.Com - a portal specialised in Hotel Reservations. I have gone through the site. It is just great. Now, I could plan my trips right from my office.

So, what is new in this site? Well, HotelReservations.Com is not a simple site, but a portal. It offers you different service like Hotel Reservation, Flight Booking, Car Rentals, Vacation Rentals and Vacation Packages. Just choose the service you want, fill up some cool online forms and you are done! As everything happens over online, there is no need to worry about your precious time. Yes, it takes less time and provides better service than your traditional travel agent.

How can you use this incredible portal and get maximum benefits in Hotel Hotel Reservations? They will give you Discounts up to 70% ,when you Book Online or Make special internet rate reservation over the phone. To book a hotel, choose your destination and type it on the simple form. Voila! They will show you the available hotels. The good thing is that they gives details about every hotel. Just browse through the available hotels and check thether they have all the facilities that you want. You can also compare the prices of different hotels. Once you got the hotel of your choice, book it. They will give you the rebate as promised. So, you can save some good amount of money in your hotel bills.

You can also plan your whole vacation with the help of this portal. Check what type of vacation package you want and search. I am sure that you will get a good package with good rebates. I love the Car rental section of this portal. They offers some good features here. Just type in the name of your destination and click search. You will get lots of results with different rates. When I compared the prices with the local travel agent prices, there is a big difference. From next time, I will use this site only, to book cars for my vacation.

Take a look at the benefits of this portal:
  • You can choose your destination from all over the World.
  • You can Book Hotels, Cars, Resorts etc. from your office, via internet.
  • You will get the best prices. Lower than the market price.
  • You will get best rebates. e.g., 3 Nights- $20 Rebate, 5 Nights- $30 Rebate, 8 Nights- $50 Rebate, 10 Nights- $75 Rebate, 12 Nights- $100 Rebate. Hurry! this offer is valid till Oct. 31st, 2007.
  • Good Customer Service
Important Contact Numbers:
  • From US or Canada: 1-800-447-4136
  • From Europe: UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, Australia 00-800-1276-3549
  • Worldwide Phone: (1) 817-333-5105
  • Group Bookings: 1-800-447-4311 (Nine Rooms or More)


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