Sep 20, 2007

No Traffic Lights

From this month, all traffic controls will disappear from the center of the western town of Bohmte, Germany. The town council will remove all traffic lights and stop signs. This is being done to reduce accidents and make life easier for pedestrians. So, from now on drivers and pedestrians will enjoy equal right of way.

The idea of removing signs to improve road safety, called "Shared Space," was developed by Dutch traffic specialist Hans Monderman, and is supported by the European Union. The EU will cover half of the 1.2 million euros ($1.66 million) it will cost Bohmte to ditch its traffic lights. Link

Monderman's ideas have already been implemented in the town of Drachten in the north of the Netherlands, where all stop lights, traffic signs, pavements, and street markings have gone. But, only time will tell about the success of this!


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