Sep 16, 2007

One-Two-Go Crash in Phuket

About 87 people have died after a Thai airliner crashed during heavy rain at the Phuket airport. It happened after the landing, when the aircraft slipped off the runway and exploded into flames. The Flight OG 269, operated by airline One-Two-Go, had flown to Phuket from the Thai capital, Bangkok.

The aircraft was carrying 123 passengers and seven crew members. About 40 people escaped from the burning plane and were taken to hospital. According to officials, the accident occured when the plane slipped off the runway due to strong winds and heavy rain.

The flight, en route from Bangkok, was approaching Phuket airport when the pilot asked to abort the landing, an aviation official told Thai television. "The control tower allowed it but the aircraft fell to the runway and the body broke," he said. Link

This is Thailand's deadliest aviation accident since December 1998, when 101 people were killed after a Thai Airways crashed on landing.


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