Sep 22, 2007

Back-To-Front Shoe

What you think about the shoe in the picture? A surreal imagination? Or a discarded shoe from the factory? This is, in fact, the world's first back-to-front shoe! The designer of this back-to-front shoe is Marc Jacobs. The designer changed the conventional shoe design and placed the heel at the front. The four-inch heel nestles horizontally just under the ball of the foot. Where there should be a heel, there is nothing but fresh air! The centre of gravity therefore is somewhere under the arch of the foot, which forces the whole body to tilt forward.

Everyone is not impressed with this surreal shoe! Lisa Surridge, a lecturer at the Smae Institute specialising in foot health, declared: "These shoes would impair the normal function of the foot." They are absurd, torturous, dangerous and wearable only by women who never have to walk further than the nearest red carpet and have more money than sense. Link

It will cost you £270 for a plain pair and £330 for a more elaborate design decorated with metal swirls and Swarovski crystals. These shoes are part of the Marc Jacobsr's 2008 collection. Don't forget to wear a helmet!


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