Sep 23, 2007

Cooler Master $10,000 Video Contest

The Gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the World. More than 300 million people on the planet are playing computer and video games. This year, computer and video games are expected to reach $35 billion in revenues, handily overtaking the Hollywood box office. As much as traditional mediums such as movies, music, and television, video gaming now permeates the very fabric of youth culture. For many, it is no longer a hobby – it is a way of life. What began as a casual diversion is now a global phenomenon.

KODE5 masses gamers in 16 countries in a series of regional events to find the best gamers from around the world. In addition to KODE5- the global gaming revolution, Cooler Master encourage all the gamers to show themselves!

Cooler Master just launched a video shootout with USD10.000 jackpot. Just sign up for a free account at Cooler between October 1st to February 2008. Make your own gaming video of at least 3 minutes and upload your video to Google Video or YouTube. After that, fill in the contest form and wait! Judges from Cooler Master will award prizes in categories of Best Screenplay, Best Visual Effect and Audience Popularity Award. The awards includes lots of Cooler Master gears and a trip to China for the KODE5 2007 Global Finals, to be held in first quarter of next year in China.

The revolution has begun and we need you to record the events as they unfold. It is not only a video contest. We expect that more gamers will come out and join the great revolution. That's why Cooler Master has designed this contest for enthusiasts to show the gaming world through their eyes. - Official KODE5 Site

So don't delay! Put on your thinking caps and dust off that video camera. Enter Cooler Master's $10,000 KODE5 Video Shootout, and you could be on your way to the KODE5 Global Finals!


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