Sep 26, 2007

Sony Introduces VAIO NR

The recent decrease in prices of notebooks have finally touched Sony! When everyone is doing it, why not Sony? So, Sony has introduced a new entry-level VAIO notebook. Named as the NR series, these notebooks will be available for about $750. This attractive price tag will draw more buyers, besides the brand name.

The NR series will have a 15.4" screen, Core 2 Duo processors, integrated 802.11 a/b/g Wi-Fi, pre-installed LocationFree software running under Windows Vista. The new notebooks also come in different colors, "Wenge", which Sony describes as "a rich brown with copper accents"; "silk - a bright white with a matte finish" as well as "and granite - a silver hue with natural tones". The surface of the chassis is "textured" and has a "fabric-like feel" to it, Sony said. Link


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