Sep 25, 2007

First Steps of Identical Quadruplets

They are one in 64 millions! They are the Britain's only identical quadruplets. Now, they are ready to keep the world under their feet. Yes, the odd quadruplet sisters are learning to walk. At 18 months Ellie, Georgina, Jessica and Holly Carles are starting to walk. It is a good news for all. Take a look at the picture above!

When these girls were born last March, they were so tiny that the smallest, Jessica, weighed 1lb 9oz. After spending some time in hospital, they thrived. They are still small for their age and wear clothes designed for babies aged nine to 12 months.

Their mother Julie Carles, who lives near Biggleswade, Bedfordshire said: "Now that they are walking they are into everything and anything and I have to have eyes in the back of my head." Link


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