Sep 26, 2007

World's Largest Advertisements

The world's largest advertising hoardings will took like this on the picture. One can see them from outer space also! The massive hoardings, which measure 20,000 square metres, or the size of three football pitches, will appear in fields near Heathrow airport. These advertiments are best viewed from a heights of 100metres to 400metres, giving air passengers up to 20 seconds exposure as they fly over.

This is a ground breaking idea of entrepreneur Paul Jenkins and his company, Ad Air. Advertisers will have to pay about £500,000 a year for each of the three poster sites near Heathrow, which is used by 67 million air passengers a year. Ad Air has already tied up deals in eight European cities, as well as Los Angeles, Chicago, Dubai, Riyadh, Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul.

Mr Jenkins, who came up with the idea eight years ago, denied the adverts would be a form of visual pollution. He said: "We have been in extensive negotiations with Hounslow council, even though the law says we don't need planning permission in certain places because they are temporary structures on enclosed land.

"The sites will be surrounded by fencing and landscaping to ensure they are not visible to residents and passers-by and will not be illuminated.The ads are made from mesh to prevent the formation of ponds that might attract birds that could endanger low-flying aircraft." Link


lorla said...

Nice, I have used the reference to post it in my blog.

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