Sep 27, 2007

Girl in Photo is not Madeleine

The mystery of photograph has been solved! The girl that was confused with missing Madeleine McCann, has been identified as an olive farmer's daughter living in a remote farm in the Rif mountains in northern Morocco. It was a bitter disappointment for McCanns, because they had desperately hoped the photograph taken last month by a tourist, would prove Madeleine was alive.

The child was identified as Bouchra Benaissa, a three-year-old living with her family in a remote area of Morocco. After getting the picture from Clara Torres, experts scrutinised the picture and tracked down the family in Morocco. The farmer's family knew nothing of Madeleine's disappearance. Father-of-four Mr Benaissa, 39, said he had not realised a tourist had even taken a picture of his family on the roadside near Zinat - when they were helping a relative take her possessions to the main road to catch a bus.

"It is sad she is missing - any family would be very sad to lose a child. Having seen the pictures of my Bouchra I can see why she may have been confused for this missing girl. I just hope that Madeleine is found." Benaissa said. Link

It is a disappointing news for all well-wishers. We, still hope that the cute, little Madeleine is alive.....


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