Sep 21, 2007

Camille Allen and Babies

Take look at the baby? So cute, so delicate! Is not it? Wait, it is not a real baby, but a doll. It was made by Camille Allen from British Columbia, Canada. This 25 years old lady creates babies with her hand. She learned the art of doll making from her husband's grandmother. Now, she is a famous for her baby dolls. Her dolls are perfect in every details. Take a look at the pictures below.

Her models are moulded from polymer clay while the locks are mohair, with each strand applied individually. Each doll takes more than a week to finish. Her dolls sells between $75 to $4000.

I use various kinds of professional doll sculptors' clay to make the babies - polymer clays - such as Cernit or Prosculpt. The babies have soft English mohair to imitate fine baby hair and are blushed with paints for realism to enhance their tiny wrinkles and creases. Link


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