Sep 16, 2007

Baboon Adopts Chicken

Another unusual friendship in animals! A Baboon in a private Lithuanian zoo has adopted a chicken. The chicken was intended as food for other animals in the zoo, but escaped and was sheltered by Mitis, a six-year-old Hamadryas Baboon. Mitis has been fed chicken meat before, but this time he fell in love with his food! Baboons, with their distinctive long dog-like muzzles and heavy powerful jaws, are omnivorous, but usually prefer fruit. In the wild, they live in close-knit social groups. Link

"He plays with the chicken, cleans its feathers, sleeps with it, and takes care as if it was his own baby child. But I am not sure how long this affair would last, because baboon may finally realise this is food." the zoo director said.


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