Sep 17, 2008

Life and Our Emotions

Our emotions dominates most of our actions and reactions. Even though we don't want it to happen, in certain situations our emotions plays the important role. That's why the society often looks emotions as a bold sign of weakness and most people tries to put them aside while focussing on the rational aspects of life. But, can you really think about a life without any negative emotions? Can we ignore all our negative emotions and move on without any complications?

Well, I don't think so! From my own point of view, emotions are a part of our life and we must accept both positive and negative emotions. The point is how we accept them? I know, it is hard to accept and handle our negative emotions or feelings. But, life must go on and we can't let it stop because of some negative feelings.

So, what I basically do in case of negative emotions? I try to develop arouse some kind of positive emotions or positive feelings that subsequently covers up all my negative emotions and inspires me to go forward in life. in order to do that, I choose to do something new, something interesting. For example: starting a new collage or going out for scuba diving! these kinds of activities gives my some new tasks to accomplish and the excitement that arises from such tasks, alsways results in positive and good feelings, which is very very important for living a healthy life.

That was my simple tip on handling negative emotions. This is my own view and I hope this will help you in some way to handle your emotions. Life is beautiful, enjoy it's beauty. This is my motto. What's yours?


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