May 10, 2007

Silence Heals!

Importance of Silence

Silence is an aid to our health; it is a tonic to our happiness. Like many best things in the world people can have it free. Yet, how little people enjoy of it as they live in the age of noise.
Silence has unseen power. The nightfall creeps silently and the day breaks without noise. The silent snowfall makes no sound and the light passes through hard substances like glass making no noise.

But silence, as all other things, has other side of its picture also. While many of its uses are profitable there are few that can cause harm. The silent fall of snow can make a place beautiful. But too much of it can bring destruction. The water that evaporates silently to fall as rain is very useful for crops but too much of it can cause great destruction.

Meditative silence is as essential as food for our growth. To study you need silence, to recoup from illness you need quiet, to have a good change from business life you must run to a quiet resort. We cannot lead peaceful lives unless we think of peaceful thoughts. All the great teachers and sages of the world have taught that truth must be sought in solitude; not in business activities or human affairs but in the desert calm. When we meditate over our weaknes we learn to be strong. The time spent in contemplative silence will always be profitable. The business of the world will give us knowledge, but meditation will give us wisdom, which is far superior.

Silence is the temple of purest thoughts. Go to that temple daily, a few moments, and there you will hear the whisper of nature.


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