Jun 17, 2007

Really we need Inter-species clones?

Read the news from Reuters:

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Making human-animal embryos for scientific experiments should be allowed because of the benefits to science and medicine, British experts said in a report released for Sunday.

Such embryos should never, however, be implanted into either a woman or an animal, said the Academy of Medical Sciences.

The combinations would include animal eggs and the nucleus, containing the genetic material, of a human being, or human embryos that carry the genetic material of an animal, the independent"
Read the complete story here Reuters!

The question is that why we are trying to mix up ourself with animals? Be it in the lab, for the benefit of humankind! Imagine how your child would look like, as a product of inter-species clone! We are sure that scientists are not going to make it happen. But, when we think about it, how does it feels? Human are human, let it remain so.

For research purpose we must not use genetic materials of human, that we are proud of!


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