Jul 15, 2007

Mount Everest Pictures

Twenty-nine degrees north and eighty-seven degrees east, mostly on Nepal, sits the tallest mountain on the face of the Earth, Mount Everest (8848m). Here, we have some good pictures of this roof of earth!

The Majestic Mt. Everest standing tall, like looks at the whole World!

Even clouds can't hide it!

The View is panoramic!

The Shadow of Everest. This is a great picture. Source: Mountainzone.com

This picture tells all about the height of Mt. Everest

The common Mt. Everest picture!

This cool picture was taken from ISS (International Space Station). Source: NASA Visible Earth

Again a cool picture of the mountain range from space.

Great picture taken from ISS. Source: NASA Visible Earth

One more great picture from ISS. Source: NASA Visible Earth


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