Feb 5, 2008

Ban on serving Obese customers!

No food for obese people! A new bill in Mississippi would make it illegal for restaurants to serve obese customers. According to a news report, health inspectors will revoke the licence of any restaurant that repeatedly feeds extremely overweight people!

Interestingly, federal figures shows that two-thirds of adult Mississippians are overweight and 30% obese. Obesity costs the state's free medical care system an estimated $220 million each year. So this bill is likely to show concern about this big issue!

Ted Mayhall, one of the politicians who proposed the bill, said he was hoping to "call attention to the problem".

But many people thinks that this is a crazy bill. J Justin Wilson, an analyst for the Centre for Consumer Freedom, said: "I've seen a lot of crazy laws but this one takes the cake. Literally."


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