Mar 9, 2009

ASIMO introduces Honda Insight Hybrid!

 ASIMO with Honda Insight Hybrid

Honda's new hybrid car, 2010 Honda Insight-II made its European debut at the Geneva International Auto show last week. The most important part of the launch was involvement of a humanoid robot! Yes, it was ASIMO, the World's most advanced humanoid robot from Honda, that officially introduced the Insight hybrid in the Geneva Motor Show which is now in its 79th year.

"I'm really interested in hybrid technology," the bubble-headed robot said in a boyish voice after being introduced by a Honda spokesman at the company's booth at the show. During a 20-minute presentation for journalists ASIMO fetched two green teas and stood diligently by the Insight on the stage as the spokesman chatted with an engineer about the merits of Honda's first low-cost hybrid car.

ASIMO Honda Insight Hybrid

ASIMO also greeted Hans-Rudolf Merz, President of the Swiss Confederation, at the Honda stand at the Geneva Motor Show. After hearing a short explanation about the new Insight Hybrid, President Merz and ASIMO shook hands in front of a crowd of photographers.


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