Jul 2, 2009

Wax Barack Obama in Paris (Pics + Video)

Last week, a wax statue of U.S. President Barack Obama was presented to the media in front the Eiffel Tower before its installation at the Grevin Museum in Paris June 29, 2009. But, hot sun threatened to melt the wax Obama's face. So, helpers had to grab umbrellas to shield the waxwork from the hot sun. Take a look at the picture.


The wax statue of Obama was created by sculptor Eric Saint Chaffray, who has been creating wax statues for the museum for the past 20 years, and has worked on American presidents in the past. But this time, his main problem was creating a wax statue without meeting the person. To create the wax Obama, he completely depended on press photos. The end result was definitely perfect.



Also, take a look at the video:


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