Dec 8, 2008

Bear Grylls injured in Antarctica

Bear Grylls injured in Antarctica
Today morning, I got a bad news. Bear Grylls, the host of Discovery Channel's "Man vs. Wild", suffered a serious shoulder injury while he was climbing an ice mountain in Antarctica. I am a fan of Bear Grylls and I never miss his "Man vs. Wild" show. So, this is really a bad news for me. I wish him a speedy recovery.

The 34-year-old British adventurer was on an expedition for Ethanol Ventures to promote the potential of alternative energies like bioethanol. The expedition wa also raising money for the children charity Global Angels. The accident happened whilst Grylls was preparing to spend the Friday night in a bivoaucing suspended on a ice shelf.
Bear Grylls injured in Antarctica
Although he was in severe pain, his back up team took the decision to wait until until Saturday morning before evacuating him to their Antarctic basecamp. But high winds delayed his evacuation to South Africa and then on to the UK by air. On Sunday, Grylls was headed to the U.K. to get proper medical attention.

Grylls became popular all around the world with his "Man vs. Wild" show on Discovery channel. In every episode of the show, the former SAS soldier jumps into a different uninhabited territory without any food, maps and safety equipments. Then he spends some day in those deadly territories to find his was back to civilization. During his stay in the wild, Grylls demonstrates practically how to survive in such conditions and I love his tips.

Now, only one thing I can say: "Get well soon".


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