Dec 26, 2008

Tigers skips meal one day a week

According to Reuters, tigers living in the Jawalakhel Zoo, Kathmandu, Nepal, are on a strict diet! They are not given anything to eat on Saturdays except water. Why? Because, recently they have started to gain weight in an alarming rate with the routine diet of buffalo meat.

The country's only zoo have three Royal Bengal tigers. One of the big cats now weighs in at about 220 kg (485 pounds), having gained 40 kg on a diet of buffalo meat in just eight months. This could create threat to the good health of the endangered animal. That's why zookeepers has stopped feeding the tigers for one day a week.

Normally, an adult tiger can weigh up to a 300 kg. So, the zookeepers thinks that feeding tigers for six days a week is good for their health.


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