Dec 23, 2008

Strong Wind blows man up Tree

Take a look at the picture. No, this is not an attempt to suicide case! The man on top was actually blown onto the tree by a strong gust of wind and the firefighters below are trying to save him! Can you believe this?

Sound odd, but this is true. The 20 year-old man was working on the roof of his house in Shijingshan district of Beijing when the strong wind caught him. The poor man loose his control and the wind carried him away from the rooftop to a nearby tree. The man spent about 20 minutes above the 45 feet tall tree, before firefighters arrived and saved his life.

so, what you think about this? In my view, this can happen, specially when your body mass is low and you are working high above the ground. Just imagine what would happened to the man if the tree was not there near to the house. So, next time, when you climb to your rooftop, don't forget to wear some safety ropes!
via Ananova


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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Vietnam.

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