Jun 17, 2009

60 Meter Long Trousers from Mexico!


Residents of Almoloya del Río, a small village located some 30 miles from Mexico City, made a 60 meter-long pair of trousers as they attempted to brake a Guinness record and boost their local economy and textiles industry which have been badly affected by the global recession.


In total, 1.8 thousand meters of fabric, and 10 thousand meters of thread were used to make the 60.1 meter long trousers. Village residents financed the tailoring of the long trousers with 44 people taking part in the production process. Almoloya Residents hope that the giant trousers will break a Guinness World Record achieved two weeks ago by a Tunisian designer who made a pair of trousers with a 50 meter length. The trousers now hang in the village square from a large crane.



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