Jun 22, 2009

800 Year Old Shoe Unearthed

800 year old shoe

Take a look at the shoe in the image above. This is a well-preserved leather shoe from 13th century, which Archaeologists have unearthed at a dig in Magdeburg, Germany. Shoe finds of this type from the Gothic period occur very seldom in Central Europe. So, it could provide insights into mediaeval life.

The 800-year-old, which is made of sheepskin, was surprisingly well preserved in a moist layer of soil. Now, the shoe will be freeze-dried after soaking in a chemical solution for 14 days in a lab in the state museum in Saxony-Anhalt.

Archaeologists also found a 350-year-old pair of cowhide loafers, probably belonging to a young boy at the tomb of the Kloster Church Ilsenburg in Harz. Scientists are planning to loan it to the Shoe Museum in Weißenfels.

Due to the outstanding conditions of both finds, they show how shoes might have been made and how shoemakers would have worked in the middle ages.


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